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Your Membership Benefits


Annual EIDEA dues automatically enroll you as a GMO level member of the United States Dressage Federation with a host of great perks, including  

• 6 issues of USDF Connection magazine

• Subscription to our e-newsletter "On The Bit" 

• The USDF Member Guide

• Access to e-TRAK, USDF’s online learning center

• Access to

• Participation in the USDF Rider Award Program


Plus, EIDEA Members enjoy discounted auditing and rider participation fees at select local clinics.


AND, you'll get member discounts at the USDF Stores and participating sponsors.

Great deal, right? Best of all, you'll meet people who share your passion for horses and learning right here in Iowa.

Q. Who Can Join?

A. We welcome amateurs, professionals, juniors and horse enthusiasts at all levels of experience. EIDEA is a great network of support for riders new to Eastern Iowa. 


Q. What If I Don't Have a Horse?

A. You don't need to own a horse to enjoy learning with EIDEA.  If you're interested in Dressage and Eventing and want to  connect with other horse people, you'll find endless opportunities to do just that.

Q. I'm Not Sure I Want to Show and Compete -- is EIDEA for me?

A. Our GMO's focus is learning and community. We have members who show and compete, members who ride for pleasure and members who are retired from the saddle but never from learning. We all share the goal of being better horsemen and supporting each other on our journey. 

Q. What Do Members Do?

A. You can be as involved as you want in EIDEA. We hold monthly meetings on a variety of educational topics at different locations in Eastern Iowa, both mounted and unmounted. We also volunteer at least once a year, and some members hold year round volunteer offices. Your membership experience is whatever you want to make it!

Q. I'm Already A USDF Member. Why Join A GMO?

A. Because we especially need knowledgable, experienced horsemen like you to help us innovate. Eastern Iowa's riding community is small, but by pooling our talent and resources, we can bring events here that will positively impact our riding. Joining your GMO a is a great way to support the USDF's National Education Initiative to improve access to quality education around the country. 

Q. Where Are Members From?

A. EIDEA's membership hails from 32 towns and 4 states. The largest percentage of our members are in the Iowa City, Cedar Rapids "Corridor" area. You can click on the map below to see what towns EIDEA members call home.

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